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Close Submit. Names: Gruber, Christiane J. Aga Khan Museum Toronto, Ont. Includes bibliographical references. LCSH: Islam and science.

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(PDF) The Moon: A Voyage Through Time | Christiane Gruber -

A4 M66 DDC Around the world the silent mystery and wondrous beauty of the closest heavenly body to earth have inspired belief systems, science, and the arts, and continue to do so to this day. The Moon: A Voyage Through Time celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing and is the first exhibition of its kind.

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It focuses on the central role the moon has played in the faith, science, and arts of the Muslim world. This publication is intended to complement the exhibition with new, interdisciplinary research. The Aga Khan Museum would like to sincerely thank the authors and Christiane Gruber, co-curator of the exhibition and editor of this publication. Henry S.

Daughters of the King - The Voyage, Peace Through the Unknown

The dynamic team at the Aga Khan Museum made the exhibition and publication possible. Last but not least, we extend our thanks to Michelle Al-Ferzly for serving as a curatorial assistant and contributing more than twenty entries to the catalogue.

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This journey would not have been possible without their expert knowledge, good humour, and willingness to sail to publication in almost record time. Persian and Ottoman Turkish words follow the Arabic transliteration system, but their slight variations in pronunciation are taken into consideration. Names of individuals are followed by the years of their death d. When dates of death or activity are not fully established, several dates or a range of dates ca.

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